USNA: The United States of North America

USNA is a dynamic adventure story about a future amalgamation of the United States and Canada and the rebel forces operating within this new union. This fast paced, exciting graphic novel is available for purchase in paperback or digital format.

USNA: The United States of North America includes a foreword written by renowned author and Canadian historian, Will Ferguson, the 2012 winner of the Giller Award, Canada 's most prestigious literary award for English fiction. In his foreword, Will Ferguson outlines some of the rebellious and violent military history that has coloured the relationship between our two great countries, an apt backdrop to the narrative that is USNA. To read the foreword, CLICK HERE.


Now available! The four USNA books have been reimagined into a deluxe two book set.

USNA: The Deluxe Edition is the first book, resized into standard comic book format (6.62" X 10.18"). In addition, the authors have added a new prequel story which introduces you to the rebels during their days as students at McGill University and the political intrigue that led to the amalgamation of the U.S. and Canada. The art and lettering in the new story is by Chris Barrett.

USNA II: The Deluxe Edition is a combination of the three USNA II books plus new art and sketches by Francine Delgado. Also included is a section of bloopers where the writers have imagined the characters involved in filming USNA and the comedic bloopers that inevitably occur.

USNA represents a new direction in Canadian story telling. Based on the screenplay by Davy Longworth and Allan Stanleigh, the graphic novel was completed with Harry Kalensky, the third member of the writing team known as The Reel Write Bros. All art, illustrations and graphic design for USNA: The United States of North America are by Dave Casey.

All art and illustrations for the USNA II series of graphic novels are by Francine Delgado. The lettering and graphic design of the USNA II series of graphic novels is by Chris Barrett.

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USNA now available in the University of Toronto Library and other libraries throughout the world.

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