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USNA: The United States of North America

A time in the future when the US and Canada have amalgamated into a new country: The United States of North America. Unhappy with the broken promises ongoing wars and deteriorating conditions, the people are rebelling. This is the story of the rebellion.

The original volume in 6 X 9 format.

USNA II: Books One, Two and Three

The USNA saga continues. The growing rebellion in the United States of North America explodes in the harbors of Halifax and San Francisco and in the streets of Chicago, Calgary and St. Louis. We continue to follow the adventures of the rebels, lead by Emmett O'Brien, as they travel through the mid-west and into Texas. The USNA ruling council and SHADO continue to work to thwart the unrest.

USNA II is a series of three books. The drama and action of the North American rebellion builds with each book. USNA II - Book Three concludes the series. USNA II - Book Three is the dynamic conclusion of this epic story......or is it?


USNA: The Deluxe Edition is the first book, resized into standard comic book format (6.62" X 10.18"). In addition, the authors have added a new prequel story which introduces you to the rebels during their days as students at McGill University and the political intrigue that led to the amalgamation of the U.S. and Canada. The art and lettering in the new story is by Chris Barrett.


The Deluxe Edition is a combination of the three USNA II books plus new art and sketches by Francine Delgado. Also included is a section of bloopers where the writers have imagined the characters involved in filming USNA and the comedic bloopers that inevitably occur.


USNA: The United States of North America Deluxe

USNA II - Deluxe Edition

USNA (Original Edition)

USNA II - Book One

USNA II Book Two

USNA II Book Three

USNA Deluxe Edition

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USNA II: Deluxe Edition

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USNA: The United States of North America

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USNA II - Book One

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USNA II - Book Two

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USNA II - Book Three

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